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One fine day, I woke up, and became a passionate photographer :)  truly.. I had never planned for being passionate on this. But once I started, I never turned back.. Camera is one thing people always smile at, whatever mood they are in. You can never see anyone sad or angry through the viewfinder, and thats the primary reason why I chose to be behind my camera, and capture those Magical Moments...

2006 - MELBOURNE.. I walked into a camera store, having no idea what to buy, and the sales guy convinced me to buy a Canon DSLR.. I had no clue of what it does, but I acted as if I knew operating a DSLR.. One thing I did was to keep shooting my family and friends, and here I am 10 years later, happy and convinced of what Im doing.. 

passionate & Crazy ...

2017 and Beyond -  Whenever I walk into my friends' house, or see their facebook profiles, I see their canvases or photos, and it reminds me of the nanosecond happiness which I captured. I have seen many kids growing up, and from day 1 to present , I have tried to capture their emotions. Im so happy to be a part of this. I thank my family and all my friends, who have always helped me learn and grow with my passion. 

Looking beyond, I always wanted to try and shoot my own music videos, and short films.. Hopefully in 2017, I can learn shooting videos, edit them, and learn the tricks of Videography.

With many more passions that I have and helping my kids with their passions , I hope I can do justice to what Im doing with my camera this year. Staying Positive.. More to come this year..